Pyxis Advisors prides itself on creating a different experience and culture for our clients with whom we are so grateful to work. We believe in values-based planning and we believe in the person more than the financial tool.

Our mission is to make every person and family with whom we connect have peace of mind in their financial lives through our caring, education and commitment to them and the community.

Our tagline, "Navigating Your Wealth," is our passion. It's also where we get our name. Pyxis is a three-star constellation that sailors used to navigate themselves on their long expeditions.

Pyxis Advisors is different: Our people and our process are that difference. We spend time learning about what's truly important to our clients at a belief and values level.

Our focus is on our clients' ultimate destination: The cause that lights a fire within them. Then, once we have real clarity together, we will navigate you through this journey, hit those ports and get you to your destination.

Come experience our difference. Let Pyxis Advisors help Navigate Your Wealth.